Thank you for a wonderful year!

As the 2014-2015 school year draws to a close, the members of the WTA would like to extend their gratitude to the Winchester community for its support this year. Each June we look back at the school year behind us and reflect on the steps we took in the past ten months, both in the classroom and out. This year, in addition to the opportunity to educate, support, and nurture our students, the teachers and staff of the Winchester School District had the chance to work closely with the community to garner support for our collective bargaining agreements. The WTA is very grateful for the support of the voters who put education first and came out this year to stand up for the students in the Winchester School District. We are looking forward to growing this connection between the school and the town in the coming months and are excited to work with you again next year. Thank you for your dedication to the children of Winchester.

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